Arkansas Computer Recycling, Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction Service

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc. is proud to offer its free, secure, compliant computer and electronics recycling service in the state of Arkansas.  Free computer recycling with STS Electronic Recycling includes industry specific compliant data destruction processes, ex. HIPAA, SOX, FACTA and FERPA, as well as an EPA compliant recycling process.  STS Electronic Recycling prides itself in its NO LANDFILL policies.  Recycle responsibly with STS Electronic Recycling, Inc.

STS Electronics Recycling, Inc. Recycles Computers and Electronics in Arkansas

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., based in Jacksonville, Texas, provides free computer recycling as well as mobile cellular phone recycling opportunities free of charge.  To find out how to recycle your old or unwanted computers and laptops as well as other electronics please contact STS Electronic Recycling at 903 589 3705 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

What types of electronic equipment and computer parts are recyclable?

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., offers a full electronics recycling service.  At STS we recycle a full range of electronic equipment.

What about computer recycling?
What about laptop recycling?
What about cell phone recycling?
Can we recycle networking equipment?   
What about printer recycling?

Do we recycle copy machines?
Can we recycle server equipment?
What about recycling ink/printer cartridges?
Do we recycle lcd monitors?
What about recycling old electronics?

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., prides itself in offering full service computer and electronics equipment recycling.

Is my personal or business data safe?

Hard drive and data destruction are essential when recycling obsolete/unwanted computers and electronic equipment.  STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., guarantees data destruction in compliance with NIST data destruction recommendations.  Protecting personal/business data can save you money and safeguard against improper data destruction and potential data theft.  STS Electronic Recycling offers hard drive destruction tracking and an official certificate of data destruction for clients choosing to recycle their unwanted computers and electronics. Data destruction processes exceed Department of Defense requirements.

Is my computer really being recycled?

Proper electronics recycling can be achieved with STS Electronic Recycling, Inc.  It is important to use a reputable electronics recycler for disposal of out of date/obsolete computer and electronic equipment.  Making the environment a priority in electronics recycling is important to STS Electronic Recycling.  By practicing a no landfill policy for computers and electronics recycled at the STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., 50,000 sq. ft. facility, we insure a complete compliant recycling process. Contact STS electronic Recycling today at 903 589 3705 or recycle@stsrecycle for free computer and electronics recycling.